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NAIAD – Built Tough to Perform

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Naiad is well established in the commercial and rescue markets, with its big boats – as used by Coastguard New Zealand.  What many people don’t realize is that Naiad also produces some very smart smaller boats, which are often used as tenders.

Inheriting the design strength and technology of their larger siblings. these boats are tough and sturdy.  The pontoon system uses the same hard-wearing polyurethane material as larger Naiads, and the same patented twin-bolt rope attachment system.

All Naiads feature aluminum rigid hulls, so they can take bumps and scrapes in their stride.  The tender range starts at 2.5m and goes up to 6.3m, in half-meter steps.  even in this size range, many of the Naiads are designed for commercial applications, with boats from 3.5m up being used by paua fishermen, water taxi operates, divers and police.

Naiad’s 4.8m inflatable is a popular model and the boat pictured here operates from a luxury dive vessel in the South Pacific.  The simple yet effective layout allows a good balance of passengers and equipment to be carried.  The owner was so happy with this boat that he commissioned Naiad to build a 6.3m dive tender for the ship.

Like all Naiads, the traditional deep-vee hull shape cuts through chop easily. The handling is crisp and responsive and inspires confidence.  The 450mm pontoons provide extra lift when the going gets rough, and increased stability at rest.

These boats are designed to be driven hard and fast, so it’s not common to see big outboards on the transom.  In fact, the big Naiad 12m and 14m tourist boats are often fitted with four 350hp outboard engines.  The 4.8m tender can take a wide variety of engine power sizes, from 60hp through to 100hp.  The performance with the bigger engines is exhilarating.

All Naiads are built to order, allowing easy customization of layout and equipment to suit your own requirements.  A recent development of this customization is the ability to apply a coating in any colour to the pontoons.  Even metallic, pearl, and chrome illusion finishes are now possible using the SS Marine Shield coating system.  Look out for the striking Naiad 4.8m at the upcoming Auckland boat show featuring this unusual effect.

Trade a Boat – August 2012