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Rescue Boat Ship Shape Again


Whangarei Coastguard’s Circa Rescue boat is back in the water in time for the busy season after a refit.

The boat, a 10.2m Naiad rigid hull inflatable, needed its outboard engines replaced, so Coastguard took the opportunity to refurbish the inflatable pontoons and carry out other maintenance.

Whangarei Coastguard committee member John Haselden said: “The vessel was lifted out of the water for this work, the whole action took 10 days and the programme ran like clockwork.  In that regard a huge thank you to Dockland 5 for the use of the covered storage.  Overall Whangarei should be very proud of the high level of capability and service that our marine sector provides.”


Sea trialing and commissioning of the new motors has been completed.  “Through its active volunteers, the unit will provide on-water emergency rescue and recovery services, 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” Mr Haselden said.


Coastguard Whangarei would like to say a special thank you to Dockland & Northport for their support & the services of Marine North, Circa Shipbuilders and Marine Shield.

Marine Shield was responsible for overseeing the 110 series being applied correctly

Marine Shield supervised the application process of MS110 from start to finish.

Northern Advocate, December 2013