• "Naiad has been involved with testing Super Sail Marine Shield on our boat pontoons over the last four years, and we have now coated the pontoons on many Naiads that are in commercial use in New Zealand, Australia and around the world.This product has three beneficial uses on our pontoons:

    1. The clear coating provides very worthwhile protection from New Zealand's strong UV and significantly reduces fading

    2. The ability to apply the coating in any colour allows customers to match pontoon colours exactly to their corporate colours

    3. Re-coating of old, faded pontoons extends the useful life and gives a boat a good cosmetic facelift."

    • John Cowan (Director)

  • "We have used Super Marine Shield on a number of different vessels including Americans Cup Yacht and we are very impressed with the results.

    We would highly recommend this product to all inflatable boat owners. "

  • Doyle_NZ_stratis

    Doyle Sails Spain

    "Andrews enthusiasm for his product knows no limits and is reflected in the quality of the product he has created and the precision of his training and written instructions. The product is clearly miles ahead of its nearest equivalent on the market and we are very happy to be using it in keeping with the high standards that we implement in our sailmaking. The help we receive locally from Stefano has also added to making the overall experience a very satisfactory one and the end product looks great. Our customers have already approved of it and we are looking foreword to using the new 105 series."

    • Fiona Bruce – Doyle Sails - Palma, Spain

    Doyle Sails Spain
  • resene


    "Resene Paints is known for their development and expertise of innovative new products of exceptional high quality for use in the many segments of the paint industry. Resene Paints Ltd also has excellent working relationships with proactive partners in many of the high performance industries. One of the most exciting new partnerships is between a division of Resene Paints Ltd, Resene Automotive and Light Industrial and their customer, Marine Shield Ltd. Resene chemists have developed some great new products using new technology to resist uv, mould, fungi etc. on plastics and vinyls which are used specifically in some areas of the marine industry. Andrew Parkinson from Marine Shield Ltd, has been actively involved through the research and development from the beginning four years ago and will be marketing these new products under the Marine Shield Ltd banner. Resene Paints Ltd have finalised all their tests to ensure they meet the standards set for resistance to UV, mould, fungi etc. and provided the results to Marine Shield Ltd."

    • Paul Williamson (Central Regional Manager, Resene automotive and light industrial)

  • quantumsails

    Quantum Sails


    "Marine Shield 101A used on the sails for the Baltic 107, June 2013 the written instructions given were clear and the process was explained well. The product was easy to handle and the application method was quick. The finish and end result was better than we expected, the sail had a nice, shiny finish. We found Marine Shield 101A quicker, easier to use and tidier than other products we have used. Overall it was a good experience and we were very satisfied with the result."

    "We had the sails in last month for service and the coating is holding up great, the customer is very happy. We think that this is the Number 1 product to use for this purpose and will certainly be using it again."

    • Andrew Scott

    Quantum Sails
  • holster

    Holster Boats


    "I have never used a product like Marine Shield before, I really love the product. It is easy to use; the application method is simple and quick. It prolongs the life of the tubes and also makes them easy to clean. Marine Shield gives a fantastic resistance to chaffing and scratching. I can now offer my customers a much larger range of colour choices including special effects. I have already applied metallic colours to a number of boats which gave a great customised finish for the customers. I would certainly recommend this product."

    • Karl Seath – Holster Boats

    Holster Boats